University moved to its present location in Columbus Street in 2002. The complex, earlier the property of ELTE, was expanded and converted so that it could fully answer the objectives of education and administration.
Address: Columbus utca 87 – 89, H – 1145 Budapest (14th district)
Second entrance: Amerikai út 96, H – 1145 Budapest (14th district)



The Main Building (building A)

Also called the “Old” building has the following offices: Rector’s Office,  Chancellor’s Office, Ferenc Nádasi Secondary School, dining hall and the Theatre, seating an audience of almost 200 and the costume store. This is where the school-competitions, exams and performances take place. The theoretical classes for the college students are partially held in this building.


MTE Főépület

The Institute for Training Dance Artists (building C )

It is also known as the “Professional” building. Dancer training is mainly pursued in the ballet studios of this newer building, which was added to the complex in 2002. The following Departments can be found here: Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Folk Dance.

Szakmai épület

The Institute for Training Choreographers and Dance Pedagogues (building D)

The newest building which was added to the complex in 2018. The following Departments can be found here: Ballroom and Fashion Dances, Arts’ Theory, Pedagogy and Psychology. The Registrar’s Office is also to be found here.

The “Villa” (Small House) (building E)

The Library/Reference Library, the Audio-Visual Studio resides in this building along with a well-equipped, modern fitness and rehabilitation room to cater to the students’ physical training. This room houses the photo-exhibition from the archive of the Academy as well.


The Dormitory (building F)

The dormitory, which can accommodate 100 pupils of the Nádasi Ferenc Secondary School, was relocated to the vicinity of the buildings for academic education in the summer of 2004.

kollégium épület

The Finance Department (building G)

The department handles next to the financial matters also the HR matters of the university.