Department for Art Theory

Head of department
Dr. Katalin Lőrinc

The Department is responsible for the theoretical education of students with artist and teaching specializations, both at the BA and MA levels. Its task is to provide and develop a base for general and professional erudition, at the same time prepare students to perceive and analyse works of music, dance, fine arts and formulate their own opinion while keeping themselves apprised in the world of arts.

The Department hosts the teacher of dance history MA programme, first launched in Hungary in 2014.

Teachers of the Department teach various art theory subjects (on dance, music, fine arts, literature, theatre, film) and run courses in cultural history, movement biology, cultural management and research methodology. In international groups, the language of instruction is English.

An important task of the Department is to guide degree theses and portfolios, besides, involving students in dance theory research. Teachers of the Department, in line with their scientific research, take part in developing study materials, preparing the accreditation of programmes, writing course books and working in the Research Centre for Dance Studies. The Department is in charge of the journal ‘Tánctudományi Közlemények’. The Department organises regular workshop conferences, meetings for professionals, symposiums.

The Department hosts the following programme:

teacher of dance history MA

Teachers of the Department:

Dr. Gábor Bolvári-Takács
Dr. Katalin Lőrinc

College professor
Dr. Alirán Gelenczey-Miháltz
Rita Horváth-Major

Associate professors
Dr. Anna Mária Bólya
Dr. Ilona Konkoly-Kovács
Dr. Péter Miklós Nagy
Beáta Schanda
Dr. Ildikó Sirató

Senior lecturers
Dr. Katalin Hámori
Csaba Szögi
Dr. Attila Retkes

Assistant lecturer
Márk Gara

Affiliated professors
Dr. László Beke
Dr. Róbert Károly

Part-time lecturers
Lívia Fuchs honorary associate professor
Sándor Hegedűs honorary associate professor
Zsuzsanna Kővágó honorary associate professor

Honorary professor
Patrizia Veroli

Subjects taught:

Scenery and costume history
Literary history
Theatre history
Drama history
Research methodology
Analysis of dance works
Universal and Hungarian dance history
Movement biology
Religious history
Film history
Cultural history
Music theory
Art history
Music history