Department for Ballroom and Fashion Dances

Head of department
Katalin Hájas

The aims and tasks of the Department

The aim of the Department is to educate ballroom dance teachers, competent from a professional, pedagogical and psychological viewpoint as well for schools with art education programmes. A further purpose is – with the means of ballroom dances – to lay the foundations for awareness of rhythm, space- and space forms, this way developing students’ movements, self-control, communicative skills and a braver attitude towards participation in games.

A primary aim of the programmes is to promote socialization processes for students to interpret. The major component of teacher training is technical accuracy and the analysis of movements within the language of ballroom dances.

The concept of a partner, the rules of co-operation, various improvisation exercises contribute to the feeling of ‘Flow’ when, with the joint pulsing of music and dance, Latin American and standard dances unobtrusively become integrated into the technically conscious movement culture of dancers. Therefore, they feel liberated, more carefree and are braver to express their emotions. Graduates obtain competitive knowledge to pass on in art education that they can also utilize in the domestic, as well as the international ballroom dance movement and competitions. Possessing all this, our well-trained dancers will have better prospects at the labour market.

In the fashion dances programme the task of the Department is to provide up-to-date knowledge, adapting to new trends and meeting the requirements of the labour market. In order to train competitive dance and coaching teachers, blending several dance styles and technical units is necessary, as applied in a fusion, in a structured and up-to-date way. Therefore, one of the major purposes is to acquaint students with modern, street, stage and ballroom dances, dance styles and dance languages to enable them to develop their skills and insight. The conscientious interpretation of various pieces and a demand for finding out about co-arts is essential. It is vital for a dancer to aspire to the technical and body-conscious acquisition of various dance styles and self-development. Applied and motivated acquisition of information, artistic self-expression provide the grounds for the fusion of street, theatrical and special couple-dances. Our aim is to educate competitive dancers both at a national and international level.

The department hosts the following programmes and specializations:

dance and coaching BA, fashion dances specialization
dance and coaching BA, ballroom dances specialization
dance teacher MA, fashion dances specialization
dance teacher MA, ballroom dances specialization

Teachers of the Department:

Associate professor
Dr. Rita Széll

Katalin Hájas head of department
Marcell Zsámboki honorary associate professor

Assistant lecturer
Gabriella Kézér

Artist teacher
Roland Kósa
Árpád Pirovits

Part-time lecturers
Kálmán Késmárki honorary associate professor
Attila Bokor
Tibor Dalotti
Edina Rétes
Ingrid Schaub
Katalin Tomcsányi