Department for Modern and Theatrical Dances

Head of department
Attila Kalmár

The Hungarian Dance Academy/University has been training dance teachers specialized in modern dances since 1996 and as part of higher education, dance artists of modern dances since 2007. Parallel to the latter, education at the classical ballet specialization with didactically backed modern/contemporary dance teaching, has also been introduced. To meet these new requirements, an independent department for modern dances was established in 2011.

The task of the Department is to enrich future artist and teacher candidates in higher education with up-to-date knowledge and training trends to be able to meet the international standards in creative and performing arts. Students are acquainted with such technical and stylistic trends, which enable them to become specialists anywhere, in any genre and in any structure.

Therefore, they are acquainted in their dance artist training with:

  • at the modern dances specialization: 20th century modern techniques (Graham, Limón, Cunningham, Art Jazz) in a high number of hours (20 classes per week on average)
  • creative methods (improvisation, contact), as well as contemporary choreographies (repertoire);
  • at the classical ballet specialization: modern preparatory techniques (1-4 classes per week, 4th-5th grades), jazz and Limón trends (6th-8th grades), as well as contemporary dance repertoire (7th-9th grades);
  • at the folk dances specialization: (4 classes per week) general modern and contemporary dance techniques;

in dance and coaching, as well as dance teacher education:

  • at BA level for modern specialization 72 classes per term on average; for theatrical dances specialization 56 classes per term, for classical and fashion dances specialization 28 classes per term: modern techniques (Graham, Limón, Art Jazz), contemporary methods (contact, European modern improvisation) and complementary techniques (yoga, Pilates, creative children’s dance);
  • at MA level all these, supplemented by their methodological and didactical applications.

Teachers of the Department:

Katalin Lőrinc DLA

Associate professors
Tamás Topolánszky
Oktávia Szigeti

College associate professors
Attila Kalmár
Noémi Kulcsár

Senior lecturer
Grácia Nagy

Artist teacher
Zoltán Grecsó

Assistant lecturer
Mariann Gaál

Part-time lecturers of the department
Dóra Asztalos
Melinda Buday
Adrienn Horváth
János Lakatos
Krisztina Szarvas
Lóránd Zachár

Honorary college professor
Tamás Juronics choreographer