Department for Pedagogy and Psychology

Head of department
Dr. Anita Lanszki

The primary task of the Department for Pedagogy and Psychology is to harmonize the pedagogical and methodological contents and aspects in terms of dance and coaching BA and both the 120 credit and the 60 credit dance teacher MA programmes. As the host of the dance teacher MA programme, the Department teaches subjects of educational sciences and psychology, paying special attention to an uninterrupted renewal of the contents and methodological implications of our courses. Our department is responsible for organising a network of partner schools in public education and the occasions of classroom observation for MA students as would-be teachers. Our teachers provide guidance during the entire process of block-practice and the teaching praxis exam for our students with a teacher’s specialization.

Among the tasks of the Department, one can list teaching foreign languages to students at BA programmes. Throughout the entire BA training, students can attend classes of English/German.

Teachers at the Department are involved in research at the meeting points of several disciplines, those of educational sciences, psychology and dance studies. Our teachers help students with their portfolios and degree theses; compile materials for accreditation, course plans and study booklets.

The Department hosts the following programmes:

dance teacher MA
dance and coaching BA

Teachers of the Department:

Professor emeritus
Dr. András Németh

Dr. László Bernáth

Associate professors
Dr. Júlia Eck
Dr. Emese Egey
Dr. Anita Lanszki
Dr. Adrienn Papp-Danka

Senior lecturer
Andrea Vincze

Assistant lecturers
Beáta Krakkó-Szászi
Dorottya Medvecz-Atinay
Dorina Szente

Emese Gáspár

Part-time lecturers
Dr. Ferenc Mády affiliated professor
Nikoletta Mária Gulya
Tímea Györke

Subjects taught

Dance and Coaching (BA)
Introduction into psychology
Developmental psychology
Introduction into the history of education
Introduction into research methodology
The theory and practice of education
Drama history
Drama pedagogy
Introduction into the world of schools
English language

Dance teacher (MA)
The theoretical and anthropological basis of education
Art pedagogy
The theory of the didactics of dance teaching
Cognitive processes and the psychology of movement
Art psychology
Pedagogical assessment and evaluation
Pedagogical social psychology
Developing the teacher’s personality and group-building – a training
Specific school problems in dance pedagogy
Dance as a visual stimulus
Nutritional science
Dance in therapies
Personality and health psychology
The basics of personality development