Department for Choreography

Head of department
Yvette Bozsik

The aim of the department is to train choreographers, creative artists who are able to compile and realise dance pieces of an intimate and personal nature, get their concepts and messages through to the public and make those understood. At the same time, they should elaborate a creative relationship with performing artists.

Besides training choreographers, the Department pays special attention to students with a different specialization (be it dance artists, dance teachers, dance and coaching) to widen their knowledge of choreography. In case of both dance artists and practicing teachers, it is essential to compile high quality exercises and exam performances for themselves and their students alike.

In order to become a successful choreographer, a degree is not necessary. Nevertheless, finding out about the basic principles of choreographing, a wide range of knowledge to be used during the creative process, an analytic awareness of others’ compositions and experiencing them can be inspiring for all artists.

The Department hosts the following programmes

choreographer BA
choreographer MA

Teachers of the Department:

Yvette Bozsik professor
Borbála Blaskó senior lecturer
Béla Földi college senior lecturer
Noémi Juhász-Hörcher artist teacher
Judit Kiss-Balbinát artist teacher
Ákos Németh senior lecturer
Balázs Vince senior lecturer

Part-time lecturers of the department:
Ildikó Hűvösvölgyi honorary professor
Tibor Boros
Gábor Farkas
Zoltán Fodor
Tímea Fülöp
László Harsányi Sulyom
Anna Hollai-Heiser

Subjects taught

The art of choreography
The theory of choreography, analysis of plays
The practice of choreography
Studies in choreography
Basic studies in choreography
Studies in coaching