Department for Folk Dances

Head of department
Gyöngyvér Szurmay-Hortobágyi

The task of the Department is to ensure professional guidance and supervision at all programmes including folk dances specialization, as well as to provide competent staff, necessary for teaching both theoretical and practical subjects. We aim at constantly developing both the contents and the quality of education via research. Our special focus is to acquaint students of other specializations with the basics of Hungarian folk dances.

The department hosts the following programmes:

Dance artist BA, Folk dances specialization
Folk dance artist MA
Dance and coaching BA, folk dances specialization
Dance teacher MA (120 credits, 60 credits,) folk dances specialization

Teachers of the Department:

Professor emeritus
János Brieber professor emeritus

College professors
Dr. János Fügedi
Gyöngyvér Szurmay-Hortobágyi

Associate professors
Dr. Henrik Kovács
Dr. Ildikó Sándor
Dr. Béla Ónodi

Péter Lévai

Senior lecturers
Dr. Krisztina Dóka
Zoltán Juhász
Tünde Rémi

College senior lecturer
János Appelshoffer

Assistant lecturer
Bella Héjja

Júlia Gyetvai artist teacher
Balázs Sáfrán artist teacher

Honorary professors
Dr. László Diószegi
Dr. Lujza Ratkó

Part-time lecturers of the department
László Harsányi-Sulyom
Zsuzsanna Kővágó honorary associate professor
Tímea Nagy
Szilvia Nemes
Ildikó Csurák
Ádám Mikulics
Marianna Szilágyi-Ujlaki
Miklós Végső honorary college senior lecturer

Honorary professors
Ferenc Novák choreographer, honorary professor
Sándor Timár folk dance teacher, choreographer, honorary professor

Honorary college professors
Dr. László Felföldi folk dance researcher, honorary college professor
Zoltán Zsuráfszky choreographer, honorary college professor

Nóra Oláh

Subjects taught

The practice of the didactics of dance teaching
Group teaching practice
Uninterrupted school block-practice
Case analysis based on methodological aspects
Folklore studies
Complementary dance techniques (Molnár-technique)
Choreography analysis
Research methodology
Hungarian folk dances
Movement analysis
Folk singing – folk music
Folk children’s games
Folk dances
The basics of folk dances
Preparatory training to analyse folk dances
Folk dance methodology
Folk music
Dances of ethnic minorities
Studies in coaching and choreography
Rhythm exercises
Dance folkloristics
Dance practice
Music theory, music history
Dance notation
Stage studies
Seminar for degree theses
Folk customs
The history of folk costumes